Imagine this: You’ve planned the perfect party. It’s go time.

But then, no one shows up. The invites never went out!

ASININE, right?  Right…

Is your business suffering from lackluster results by missing key steps in your marketing strategy?


SJC Digital Marketing gets YOUR word out.

Social Media Influencers

Fashion Brand & Maker Marketing

Startup Products & Services

SJC Digital Marketing Steps In To Support and Amplify Your Brand’s Reputation 

Many small business owners + teams are great at what they do, but managing a brand’s presence online can often take as much effort as essential daily operations.

Handing off your brand’s digital marketing planning + execution management, social media posting across channels, boosting ads, and engaging with customers is one of THE MOST VALUABLE ways to lighten the workload and enjoy valuable, tangible returns on investment.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Chiramberro.

As the Owner + Lead Strategist at SJC Digital Marketing, I am obsessed with looking for unique ways to position and attract your ideal customer target to your brand.

With so many companies working hard to stand out, it takes intention and creativity to help each brand differentiate from the “noise” in the digital landscape.

With SJC Digital Marketing, you can let us get the word out and get back to doing what you do best: deliver that special thing your customers will hear about through our marketing and advertising efforts.

About US

SJC Digital Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency helping businesses maximize their brand’s digital presence.
We help brands:

  • grow their number of followers
  • create brand loyalty
  • generate sales

We do this by:

  • planning + executing + engaging in relationship-building social media campaigns
  • planning + executing + managing revenue generation with social advertising
  • driving revenue through executing paid search strategies
  • addressing website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword opportunities
  • executing thoughtful website design


Need help with your marketing?

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“I started working with Stephanie less than two months ago, and I’m so glad I did! I am launching a brand and need a lot of marketing help. She has great ideas and is very thoughtful and thorough. I trust her guidance and really feel like I’m set up for success.”

– Phoebe Smith Buls, Founder of Other Foods

“Stephanie has a keen understanding of the digital marketing space. She is a bright, capable and dependable individual who greatly improved our digital online presence. I highly recommend her; she is easy to work with, enjoyable to be around and filled with smart ideas.”

– Savita, Centarus

“I meet with Stephanie each week and have gotten a very good sense of her work. It is impressive. She has a knack for using traditional and online marketing and media to greatly improve client referrals and revenue; and a creative, open approach to web design and collaboration. Highly recommend.”

– Christine Troy, Law Office of Christine Troy

“Stephanie and her team are the best in the business. I’m so happy I was connected with SJC. They created my website and a social media strategy tailored for my business. Stephanie is very responsive and communicative. She came up with creative marketing strategies to grow my business. I owe a lot of my successes to SJC. I recommend them to anyone who will listen. Looking forward to continuing this partnership!”

– Aerin Wheeler

“Honestly, I would not have been able to take my music management company, Son of Savage, to the next level without SJC Digital Marketing. This company is so professional, detailed, creative and knowledgeable! I was very impressed and will continue to use their service, I am appreciative of all they have done for my business in such a short amount of time.”

– Tiffany Johnson

“SJC Digital Marketing did great work giving my Instagram account the boost it needed. Increased engagement with followers, brought in new followers, and posted original content that my audience could relate to. Thanks so much for all that you do! Will definitely be using your services again for my next campaign.”

– Anne-Marie Chiramberro, Founder of Hella Basque

Is Your Brand A Good Fit?

Has A Clear Vision

Companies with a clear vision for achievement will enjoy the best results.

Having a well considered Sales/Revenue Plan and/or Forecast, an idea of the ideal customer, and generally has an idea of the ideal outcome from hired marketing + advertising effort makes it easier to accomplish big things.


Understands Success Takes Time

Can SJC Digital Marketing turn around a great plan, execute on it, and manage the resulting increase in engagement activity in a hot minute? Sure.

However, any company that truly values the results of its hired marketing + advertising support understands that the best results come from considerate planning, thorough execution, and engagement follow up.

Is Invested In Great Execution

Companies that are preapred with great collateral: branding assets are in hand and accessible, quality on-brand photography and/or video, and a well executed website make hired executing marketing + advertising effort easier and more likely to succeed.

Brands We’ve Worked With

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